Monday, May 29, 2017
Mighty Kenny still unbeaten
By Maurice Novelle

Today we pause to pay tribute, remember and honor those brave, courageous and selfless men and women who gave their lives to defend and protect the principles and heritage of our great nation. Their sacrifices and patriotism cannot and should not be taken lightly. We would also like to express our sincere thanks and deepest gratitude to those who have served in the past and those who are now serving in our Armed Forces. Freedom is not free. God bless America!

After yesterday's doubleheader sweep Kenny kept his perfect winning record intact as interim captain. In the absence of Little Joe he strategically managed the Bazooka Joes to beat the Mozzarella Sticks 8-5 and 9-6 respectively. Sticks fielding miscues and weak offense would prove costly in both losses. Masterful debut and outstanding effort by rookie pitcher Todd to go the distance and win both games.

We had a great turnout. In attendance were Super Diablo Manny, Manny II, Nick T, Mike the Wolf, Will, Dave B, Kenny, Todd, Arun, Tony, Freddy, Joe Torre, Phil, Matt, John, Noah, Roque, Xavier, Mike R, Gus and the writer. Big Joe and Photo Mike stopped by but didn't stay.

See you guys next week!

Sunday, May 21, 2017
Joes and Sticks split doubleheader
By Maurice Novelle

After two consecutive rainouts it was nice to be back in the field playing ball, however we were a bit shorthanded with only fifteen players. It was indelicate and discourteous to say the least by those that RSVP "yes" and then decided not to show up. That is why you have a third option "maybe" in Whoozin.

The Joes captained by Big Joe today took the opener 7-2. The game was tied until the sixth but the Sticks made a couple of fielding errors and surrendered five runs. The Sticks returned the favor wining the night cap 7-4. Big Joe was relieved the last two innings by Todd after his back stiffened up and prevented him from continue pitching.

We witnessed some outstanding defensive plays by Joe Torre and Noah at short, and Roque and Mike W flashed the leather at third with some hot stabs, but the player of the game was second baseman Todd, that turned a brilliant double play with a dazzling spin move. Also Ron, Matsui and Phil looked like graceful gazelles roaming the outfield tracking and catching every fly ball.

In attendance today were Noah, Todd, Matsui, Lance, Dave, Big Joe, Mike W, Kenny, Joe Torre, Roque, Phil, Ron, Will, Tony and the writer.

See you guys next week!

Sunday, May 14, 2017
Happy Mother's Day - GAME RAINED OUT
By Maurice Novelle

Call it a coincidence but a year ago I sent out this email:

"Due to inclement weather, treacherous field playing conditions and expected low attendance, and after careful consideration and deliberation the committee voted unanimously to cancel today's game. Happy Mother's Day!"

Sunday, May 7, 2017
By Maurice Novelle

Due to expected low attendance game was cancelled.

Sunday, April 30, 2017
Miserable day for Sticks... lose doubleheader
By Maurice Novelle

People make mistakes, it's part of human nature. And the Mozzarella Sticks looked awfully human in the third inning of today's twin bill opener surrendering thirteen runs after a series of fielding errors. The final score was 17-4.

Game two was a more competitive affair but the Bazooka Joes were better and deservedly won the game 3-2. They had outstanding pitching, timely hitting and really solid defense. Big Joe was the winning pitcher. He also got a save relieving Little Joe that took a line drive off his left leg and the shim swollen up. Hope you're feeling well Joe!

We had sort of a controversial play, a grounder to short F6 with runners on first R1 and second R2 and the runners retreating back to the bases. The umpire decided because of the force play that both runners R1 and R2 were out. We did a bit of research and there is no actual rule requiring runners to physically advance and although R1 and R2 have lost the right to occupy their respective bases because the batter has become a runner, there is no requirement for them to physically move from their bases, or if they started toward the next base to retreat back to their original base to avoid a tag, etc. On a force the runners lose the right to base but they are not required to vacate. It simply means they are subject to be put out up until a trail runner or base runner is put out removing the force.

We had a great turnout. On attendance today were Joe Torre, Matt, Mauricio, Little Joe, Noah, John, Pedro, Lawman, Dave, Mike Photo, Big Joe, Ron, Mike, Freddy, Nick T, Phill, Roque, Kenny, Artie, Todd, Efrain, Arun, Jonathan, Manny and the writer.

See you guys next week!

Sunday, April  23, 2017
Sticks and Joes split doubleheader
By Maurice Novelle

Before the start of game one and to throw out the ceremonial first pitch to commemorate our 20th year anniversary our guest of honor was Cheryl Fruchter, our league founder. Great to see you... Cheryl!

The Mozzarella sticks won the opener 13-8 and the Bazooka Joes took the night cap 7-3. Newcomer Freddy, Cheryl's son-in-law, stole the show with his display of Ruthian power knocking the cover off the ball and hitting some impressive long blasts. The winning pitchers were Big Joe and Artie and the defensive players both centerfielders, Ron and Phil.

In attendance today were Freddy, Roque, Luis, Artie, Lawman, Efrain, Little Joe, Ron, Kenny, Gio, Noah, Phil, Nick T, John, Todd, Dave, Will, Big Joe, Arun and the writer.

See you guys next week!

Sunday, April  16, 2017
Sticks beat Joes 15-14
By Maurice Novelle

Happy Easter and happy Passover!

We didn't expect to have such a nice turnout for Easter Sunday. Eighteen guys made it to the field. And with temperatures in the mid 70's the weather was just fabulous to play ball.

After a series of defensive miscues by the Mozzarella Sticks, the Bazooka Joes, captained by Big Joe, jumped on the scoreboard right away to take a 4-0 lead and added three more runs later in the second with a pair of big clutch hits by John. The Sticks didn't quit and kept chipping away at the Joes' lead and in the bottom of the fifth their bats finally came alive to score six runs and go ahead 11-10.

But the Joes wouldn't surrender either and in the seventh Dave ripped a massive tape-measure homer to give the Joes the lead again. The Sticks were forced to come from behind once more. Photoman Mike came to the plate with the bases loaded and lasered a line drive to center for the win. The winning pitcher was the writer with a 3-0 record.

In attendance today were John, Eitan, Noah, Lance, Big Joe, Dave, Dave, newcomer Will, Arun, Joe Torre, Phil, Roque, Kenny, Pedro, Efrain, Photoman Mike and the writer.

See you guys next week!

Sunday, April  9, 2017
Sticks take two from Joes on Opening Day, 10-8, 6-4
By Maurice Novelle

Play ball! Our 2017 softball season got underway. We're celebrating our twentieth year in existence, not an easy feat to accomplish, a true example of resolute perseverance and dedication. 

After last week's heavy downpours  the playing field was in relative decent condition and didn't require much  raking or preparation.  Twenty one players showed up for opening day taking advantage of the beautiful weather and enjoyed the sunny skies.

The Mozzarella Sticks were the better team today. Not only they played solid defense  turning five double plays but also swung the bats really well. Dave's solo mammoth blast was impressive. Defensively for the Joes, Matsui at third made a couple of dazzling diving stabs and John made a tremendous circus catch in left field. Mo, the writer, pitched well and was the winning pitcher of both games.

In attendance today were Manny, Matt, John, Matsui, Mauricio, Artie, Sergio, Mike R, Little Joe, Jose B, Big Joe, Joe Torre, Roque, Kenny, Phil, Noah, Efrain, Xavier, Dave B,  Arun and the writer.

See you guys next week!

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