CONTENT WARNING: Some of these animations may be inappropriate for children under 14. They may contain violence, coarse language, and/or sexually suggestive scenes. Parental guidance is advised.
Word Search
An interactive puzzle where you have to locate the words and highlight them.
Shootout II
Challenges cowboys to duels and capture the most wanted criminals in the Wild West.
Bush Aerobics
Control his exercise moves as he works his buns and abs to the beat.
Britney Brawl
Jump into the wrestling ring with Britney & Bill.
Fartmatic 5000
Have fun creating farts.  Watch out for the brown bubbler!!
Have fun with this 3D version of Tic-tac-toe
Strategic board game where you need to turn the tiles over.
Not a puzzle for the faint of heart, it is a devilishly tough thinking game.
Black Jack
A great game. Play against the computer and make your flash millions.
Shock Bowl
The premier interactive Shockwave bowling game on the Web.
Whip the Worker
Is there someone at work that you would just love to beat senseless? 
Beat the Boss
Frustrated with your Boss? Now is your chance to vent all your anger on him/her !
Coyote Ugly
You're a young stud getting drunk at Cootie's and that butt-ugly chick next to you is looking better with every beer.
Flash Pacman
It's the classic arcade game! Negotiate your way through the maze, eating the dots, and avoiding the ghosts ...
After a bad batch of beer, will a Cootie's regular be able to get to an open restroom stall in time?
X-ray Glasses
Find out what a gypsy, a goat, and a magical pair of glasses have in common.
Can you pass this test?
You don't have to be a rocket scientist but there's a good chance you will flunk it. 
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Cubicle Party
Is this your typical working day? Break the routine!
Bored Meeting
Check out this meeting. Does it look familiar? Now close your eyes. Does it sound farmiliar?
The Arab & The Genie
Always beware of what you wish for. There may be strings attached.
3D Pong
Disturbingly addictive and visually impressive. Great game!
Rally 2100
A futuristic car race that tests your driving dexterity.
Super Fighter
Can you defeat a deadly serious martial arts warrior?
Ping Pong 3D
No further explanation needed.
The Suspicious Cop
You are speeding and a cop pulls you over. Can you avoid arrest? That is the question.
The Negotiator
You will encounter a difficult person with whom you will have to negotiate.
Cool Horoscope
There are four questions to this game, and the answers will surprise you!
The Lusty Barfly
You picked up a package for your boss but this lady walks by and snatches it. What is your course of action?
Death Star
Can you save planet Earth? May the force be with you...
Agent K
SWAT training with a dose of humor. You have to shoot moving targets.
Aircraft Carrier
Think it's easy to land a jet on an aircraft carrier? Try your luck!
Flash Golf
Terrific 3D interactive game!
Home Run Derby
You're a low fastball hitter. Wait for a good low pitch, then smack it!
It's downhill with all the twists and turns. Are you ready to snowboard?
An arcade type of game. Shoot the enemies before they reach your turret.
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For your eyes only
Place pointer over picture and enjoy the view.

Using Proper English
Improve and refine your writing skills.
A collection of five interactive mystery games.
War on Terrorism II
Select your weapon of choice and mission.
Coach Bigot
Not your typical little league coach. A collection of five episodes.