September 11, 2001

My column today moves away from softball and towards the disaster that has occurred today at the World Trade Center, The Pentagon and Pennsylvania.

My thoughts and concerns at this time are for all the lives lost of the innocent people, rescue workers and the families they left behind.

However, I am thankful for the safe return of my brother-in-law Hal who was in the 82nd floor of tower 2 during the disaster. 

Immediately upon seeing what happened at tower 1 he encouraged everyone in his office and on his floor to leave down the stairs even though many hesitated to do so. 

He had fortunately reached the lower floors when the second jet struck his building. 

He and others had been out and many blocks away before the building had finally collapsed.

The decisions and actions he made today saved his life and others.

Hal, I'm glad to know your safe at home as I'm writing this.

The D-Zone

Happy Anniversary Hal & Carmela

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