September 4, 2001

Boy, was it crowded on the field on Sunday!

A record number of people showed up for this past Sunday's game.  I'm not sure but we may have had 15 players for each side.

It was really hard trying to find enough space for each player on the field, and waiting for your turn at bat seemed to take forever.

It was so crowded that,

1.  I was expecting someone over the public address to say "next stop Lexington Avenue".
2.  I think someone picked my pocket.
3.  We may have needed mounted police for crowd control.
4.  We may have been in violation of exceeding the occupancy limit.
4.  We could have been mistaken for a mob of people waiting for Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.

As crowded as it was, the hitters seemed to find the spaces by scoring twenty-one runs in the game.

I don't know if we'll ever have the type of turnout we had this weekend but we will have to come up with some sort of arrangement.  The situation did not make playing as enjoyable and more importantly the chances of injury are highly increased.

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The D-Zone

August 28, 2001

Another great game was played this past Sunday --with great fielding plays by both sides. 

Now I know it's been reported by Maurice that the later stages of the game had a lot of fielding mistakes (especially one by yours truly) but how long can good fielding continue considering the quality of the fields we play on.

The following is a small list of what I've observed on the fields we've played on this year:

1. The outfield is very hard due to dead grass and lack of rain.
2. A weedy infield that looks more greenish and lush than the outfield grass itself.
3. A field that allows ground balls to carry further than fly balls because it slopes in its entirety toward the outfield.
4. And another field that we have a permit for that has trees and foliage in right field that would rival the tropical forests of Costa Rica

I can go on and on.

Actually, I kind of like seeing ground ball home runs. And, it really feels like you're running fast when you're going downhill trying to catch a fly ball over your head.

The real sad part about this, it's that we really play on a good field considering others.

I wonder how a major league baseball game would be played if it were played on our fields and I really wonder how one of our games would be played on a major league field. 

Eh...probably the same!

An observation from

The D-Zone

August 21, 2001

Sunday's game, as the prior two, was a well-played and competitive game. 

As the game started it seemed as though the teams may have not been evenly matched.  The visiting team quickly scored nine runs in the first three innings.  But the home team chipped away and eventually had the tying run on base in the last inning but fell short leaving the final score to be nine to seven in favor of the visitors.

Two things have become apparent to me these last two weeks. 

1. The team that played well defensively usually wins.  Not making so many throws and letting base runners take extra bases scored fewer runs.  That was evidenced in the last inning when the home team had their hits but the runners only advanced one base at a time. 
2.  And the other is that no matter what mix of players, the teams never give up and keep on battling.

I as well would like to thank the guys from Hollis Hills for joining us and making these games possible.

Now if only we can get up the next morning without any aches and pains!

An observation from,

The D-Zone

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