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We are a group of good-natured residents originally from Windsor Park- Bayside, New York, who share a devotion to the game of softball. Since 1997, we get together on Sunday mornings between mid April and late November --weather permitting-- to play recreational softball at Cunningham Park. We now play at nearby Alley Pond Park. Our games are casual, stress free events, with no league or team commitment required. The emphasis is on fun, not competition.

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Sunday, July 27, 2015
Joes come back to take night cap
Game one of today’s twin bill was a real slugfest. After four innings of play the Sticks held a 15-2 lead over the Joes and the mercy rule was claimed and put in effect by Big Joe the acting captain in Little Joe’s absence. 

Game two was on an even keel with chances being created for both sides but the Joes took advantage of the Sticks late innings defensive blunders winning it 9-8 on Roque’s walk-off single.

In attendance were Roque, Mike W, Kenny, Artie, Pedro, Sergio, Mike R, Big Joe, Pete W, Matt, Rob, Nick T, Phil, Jeff, Dave B, Robin, Chris, Tony and the writer.

See you guys next week!

2015 Opening Day Team Photo
Sunday, July 19, 2015
Sizzling Sun Doesn't Stop Sharp
Sticks as they Stifle Joe's Schmoes
A few years ago Kenny turned down the request to become the new manager, the job going to Little Joe instead. But he has the knack for the job and has built a great record subbing as manager, adding to it today with a dominant sweep.
In the first contest Jeff pitched his typical game and the Sticks won 9-2. Roque took the mound for the Sticks in game 2 and he kept the Joe's off balance with his spinners and off-speed stuff, pitching a shut-out into the 6th. The final score was 9-1. Big Joe and Little Joe both pitched well but the difference in the games was defense. The Sticks were tight, almost flawless. They made no spectacular plays in the field; they just played sound baseball and executed the fundamentals. The Joes were the exact opposite and the unearned runs were too numerous to keep track of.

Worth mentioning is Arun with good games both offensively and defensively and Big Joe with a couple of bombs over the outfielders heads.

Today's attendees: Kenny, John, Mike W., Nick, Arun, Mike Y. Sergio, Jeff, Roque, Chris, Big Joe, Pete W.,Russ, Matt, Efrain, Arty, Phil, Dave, Wilkis, and Little Joe

Mark your calendars!
August 9, 2015
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